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Welcome, Bienvenidos, Bienvenu, Benvenuti, Willkommen!

It feels like a Eurovision Song contest intro, but I would truly like to Thank You for taking time to visit my website and join me on the journey of my life!

I was born on 22 November, date of St Cecilia, Patron Saint of Music, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America.

Adopted and brought to this lovely country, UK, at almost 4 years old, speaking only Spanish, I have often wondered in awe at the remarkable sequence of events that conspired to bring me here, and the meaning of it all.  Events revealed to me that it was, quite literally, my voice, that was the key, and that gradually gave me the opportunity to realise through music, which showed me my identity, what is so deep within me, that I would like to share with you and the world.

Please enjoy and continue to accompany me on the path that destiny has chosen for me!

Thank You, Gracias, Merci, Gentile Grazie, Vielen Danke!

x Cecilia x

Stefan Drechsel says of Cecilia’s performance of “Fools of Love”:

Cecilia was born in Honduras and has been living in England for almost all of her life. You can hear some Latin American roots in her voice blending with her English personality. When she sang with headphones on, I could listen to her voice without any music around. I simply felt taken by her charming and warm voice. I also came to realise something else. I felt that the inspiration was also coming from the song. Two years back I did not see how optimistic and uplifting the song is. Thanks to Cecilia I do know now.

Roger Limb, former composer of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, known for his work on the international TV series, DR WHO, and one of whose unmarketed songs, 'The Light of Love', you'll find on her Cecilia Delgado CD, says:

"When I first heard Cecilia sing I thought..., 'Wow, she's got it, she can do it, she's a natural. And now she's singing better than ever, and I'm so pleased she has chosen to sing one of my songs."